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What is it about red?

6 December 2012 — In colour psychology, just as in the colour wheel, there are primaries. Blue represents the intellect, yellow emotion, red the physical and then there’s green balancing them all. So at this time of year, what is it about red that triggers thoughts of festivity: whether it conjures images of decadent parties, ribbons and bows, Santa himself or a more sacred meaning? We spoke with colour psychologist Angela Wright, FRSA, of Colour Affects to learn more.

Sexy stocking ideas

27 November 2012 — We all love some chocolate and warm Christmas socks but, when it comes to your man, do you ever want to up the ante? Why not give some gifts that keep on giving and stuff some sex into that stocking? Good things come in small packages.

What men are really thinking

19 November 2012 — Remember the last time you were upset, your man asked,”what’s wrong?” and you answered with one word: “Nothing.” He believed you, didn’t take the cue, you got angrier and both of you just ended up… confused. It’s all too common.

A new movement for single women

12 November 2012 — We can always count on popular culture to capture those sentiments that many of us think are individual to ourselves but are, in fact, part of a shared experience. And popular culture has served single women, and some of the pet peeves that come along with that relationship status, brilliantly. Remember the scene in Bridget Jones Diary when Bridget is being bullied by the “smug marrieds” at the dinner table? Or when Carrie Bradshaw demands that her friends, whom she has showered with gifts for weddings and babies, pay her back in shoes in a famous episode of Sex and the City? These moments are so memorable because single women worldwide nodded emphatically in agreement as they played. Sometimes, it just feels like we’re missing out.

No one has as little impact on society as a singleton. We use very few benefits and, compared to families, very few resources. So you can’t blame us for sometimes feeling overlooked and under rewarded. What can we do about it? How about a new manifesto for all the single ladies?

Do good friends always tell the truth?

05 November 2012 — Because we’re emotionally tuned-in, we women often don’t risk telling friends the truth if it’s not something we expect they want to hear. Are we doing a disservice to our friends by glossing over the hard facts?

Be positive about your love life

31 October 2012 — Self-help books about love, relationships and our psychological influence on them may fly off the shelves but, as women, we spend more time deconstructing the good bits than indulging in the positive ones. And this can have a disastrous effect, not only on our self-esteem, but also on our chances for the outcome we hope for the most.

Keep it hot as nights get cold

21 October 2012 — Most babies are born in August and September so simple maths suggest there’s no reason to believe winter nights are in need of an overhaul. It stands to reason — we seek the warmth of the duvet and the heat of a partner.

But, even when conditions are ripe for a full sex life, sometimes our imaginations go into hibernation. Wake them up with tips for hotter sex on the coldest nights.

Fancy a date this Halloween?

16 October 2012 — At this time of year, fancy dress always presents a dilemma for women. Do we risk a proper costume, which might be funny or clever but make us look less attractive, or do we go for the tried and true sexy spin, which risks making us look unoriginal?

When it comes to attracting the right kind of attention at a fancy dress party, how does a woman snare her man?

Is it wise to date on the job?

08 October 2012 — Wasn’t dating easy at uni? We all had the common filter of going to the same college and then could further select our prospects by other commonalities: love of the same music, pub, area of study — you name it. Then, we joined the “real world” and things got tricky. It’s hard to find people that you can click with so quickly in the big city.

The workplace brings the common ground that uni used to — and we’re typically there for at least 38 hours a week! Looking for dates on the job could be an easy solution.

But while your office might be full of opportunity it’s equally, if not more, full of pitfalls. In an age where we struggle to maintain the work/life balance, dating at work melds those two categories quickly and heavily into one — so the consequences of not getting it right are all the more serious.

Can you make him a new man?

03 October 2012 — Women sometimes complain they wish their man dressed better or behaved differently. Behind the scenes you’ll hear them reassure each other, “You can change that.” But can we? And should we even try?

Is it ever safe to date a friend’s man, or are you up for stroppy seconds?

25 September 2012 — We women seek to maintain a sense of sisterhood but our solidarity can be compromised when men get involved. Whether you and a friend both like the same guy — or her ex is now available and interested — can you be a good friend if you go after him?

When to keep quiet in a relationship

10 September 2012 — We’ve heard about The Quiet Man but rarely the quiet woman. We live in a world where women are taught — rather trained — to entertain, charm, make introductions, put people at ease… flirt. And what better arena is there to show off these carefully-honed social skills than dating?

But there are times, soldier, to stand at ease. You see a good communicator makes any situation comfortable. She smoothes over the cracks. In romance, however, sometimes those cracks carry warnings. When is it best to keep mum and when is it best to speak up?

50 Shades of confusion

05 September 2012 — All the chatter about Fifty Shades of Greyshows we’re certainly interested in upping our sexual game but has the bedroom become another place where women worry they aren’t doing enough? How do we experiment, still feel in control and manage to have a laugh?

What your wardrobe says to men

16 August 2012 — From high heels to the colour red, from snakey chains to the crosses around our neck, what we wear is symbolic and sends messages to potential suitors.What do our choices say about us? Which attract men, which repel them – and why?

Make up to snare him, not scare him

16 August 2012 — Makeup. Women love it and men claim not to. Here’s a guide to the new season’s looks – for her and him.

Blockbuster role models

15 August 2012 — As the summer draws to a close, so does the season of Hollywood blockbusters. Our screens have been filled with action, adventures and fairy tales and in all of them women shared, if not stole, the screen. What skills can we learn from the reel lives of these blockbuster heroines?

Dating in a digital world

12 August 2012 — There’s no question technological advances, like texting, social media and emails, have made life easier, especially when it comes to romance. Yet the speed and informality of these methods often leaves us wanting more from the men on the other end of the keypads. If you feel like you need the Enigma decoder to crack what he means, this is the guide for you.

Romantic comedy

06 August 2012 — A controversial study in May kicked off a frenzy of debates among male and female columnists on the subject of female humour. The study? An examination by linguist Dr. Judith Baxter of whether women are as funny as men in the workplace. Alas, the research found we were not deemed to be… but we were hardly shocked when the results were met with outcry. After all, our lives are filled with funny women — whether on the telly, on cinema screens or, naturally, down at the pub.

So if we’re so certain that we can compete with a man in the humour stakes, what happens when we win?

Fill your wardrobe with gold, silver and bronze

01 August 2012 — Gold, silver and bronze are in the spotlight more than ever – and not just because all eyes are on the Olympic podiums. There’s no need to envy the athletes of London 2012 when we can start our own collection of metals. Here’s a look at one of the hottest trends for summer and autumn.

You don’t have to do the walk of shame

31 July 2012 — You like him and he likes you. Things are moving to the next level — and it’s getting physical. But when you wake up the morning after the first big night together, don’t let your confidence be crippled by doubt.

Autumn Winter style with sex appeal

30 July 2012 — We wait all year for summer to come, but before the end-of-season sales are even over, we’re already thinking about autumn. It’s understandable — we’re that excited about fashion! SheKnows teamed up with my-wardrobe.com to give you a preview of Autumn-Winter’s hottest trends before the telephone book-sized September issues hit newsstands. But while we scramble to start our new collections, the men in our lives might scoff. We’ve got a guide to the new season that appeals across gender lines.

Anti-wing men

26 July 2012 — It’s no surprise that single women like to be surrounded by men, so it stands to reason many of us have amassed a group of male friends – some of them sourced from the dating reject pile. Does this help or hurt when you’re looking for a relationship? It could be the latter.

This is not a festival fashion guide

23 July 2012 — We are well into the 2012 festival season, and Reading and Bestival are fast approaching. Ever since Kate Moss started turning up looking impossibly chic in the mud, festival style has become a central part of our planning. If festivals are about being free and easy, how do we keep this look effortless – and avoid looking like fashion victims?

In the dating game, it’s a question of sport

18 July 2012 — It’s been the perfect summer for competitive British spirit, but how does that play out in the dating game?

Lightening up London’s 50 shades of grey

16 July 2012 — The U.K. is known for its grey skies and stiff upper lips, so making a yellow fashion statement stands in marked contrast to our meteorological and cultural outlook. That’s before even considering the issues with our inherited skin tone! But yellow has a power and complexity that we can learn a lot from… If only we can make it work for us.

The big smoke — for the eyes

16 July 2012 — When it comes to make-up that means business on the dating scene, there’s no easier win than the smokey eye. Sure it gets attention, but it also makes clear your intentions. Can you pull off a smokey eye in the harsh light of summer? Professional make-up artist Thom Ticklemouse clues us in on professional tips and products to make a statement in the sexiest season.

On the beach, turn his head your way — not away

1 July 2012 — When women try to overcompensate for their under-confidence, they make some serious summer style mistakes. Attract men with these beach beauty and style tips and make sure you don’t short-circuit your summer romance before it begins.

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