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Red Lipstick

In a move straight out of porn, I was once dated my handyman, a silver-tongued Scot who made me request my repairs in a Southern American accent, addressing him as ‘Daddy.’ (Used in sentence, ‘Daddy, I’m ‘onna need you to caulk the tiles.’  Do men like this?) 

Why do I mention him?  He was the ultimate alpha male, and as such, became my first focus group when it came to style choices that attract men.  When I first started banging on about red lipstick, he said – emphatically – ‘Yes!  I see a red mouth and I just want it on me.’  (Actually, he said something more crude, but I’m not ready to offend you… yet.)  Point being, he cut straight to the carnal male perspective.  Red lips are like a flag to a bull.

  • They are iconic and associated with the first women that gave men permission to want them.  Thanks, Marilyn.
  • They are red, a colour that scientists have shown time and time again that men just plain like.
  • They make your mouth a prominent feature.  Men like mouths for all sorts of reasons, I’m sure the most basic being that men like blow jobs.  But that’s a different blog.

As a woman, though, think about your mouth, in red, and what that means.

While most cosmetics resort to trickery, red lipstick doesn’t lie.  It is purposeful, overdone and symbolic, and when you wear it, you are conscious of that.  Even if you walk into a bar and there are 30 other hipsters looking retro in their MAC Russian Red, you feel like an exception. Your mouth is bold.  People are watching it move; more importantly, they are listening to the words it says.  The pressure is now on you to deliver.  This is not low maintenance make up.

And there in-lies the kicker.  I know men can be crude and carnal, and I don’t think that inflatable dolls have red lips for no reason, but at the end of the day, I think most men want us to take them on.  Any who are worthy of your time want you to bring something to the party.  They want you to nail your colours to the mast.  So go forth and make one of them red.


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